A scholarship program has been developed to help finance the continuing education of church members, their children, and friends of the church who are regular in attendance.

1. Scholarships will be considered for applicants attending colleges, universities, seminaries, trade schools, or other accredited institutions of higher learning.  Applicants must have earned and maintain a GPA of 2.75 or higher.

2. Scholarships shall be awarded to those applying and meeting the qualifying criteria to a maximum annual award of $1,000.00 per applicant.  However, this amount may be reduced if more applications are received than the amount of money available.  In such a case, the total amount granted to all applicants will be divided equally.  All scholarships monies awarded will be paid directly to the applicant’s school or institution.

3. Applicants requesting scholarships shall apply in writing on the application provided, and shall submit an essay stating 1) their goals, 2) why the particular school was chosen, 3) why they are pursuing a particular major, as well as any other pertinent information felt necessary. The essay shall be no longer than a single page, typed, and double spaced. Along with the application and essay, any particular information regarding special needs should be outlined. A current transcript shall be included.  Application shall be made for each academic year. The committee reserves the right to conduct an personal interview at their discretion.  Applications shall be submitted to the Chairperson of the Membership Development Department or to the Elder overseeing that Department no later than March 1st of the school year beginning fall semester. (Applications Submitted through this web site will be considered "submitted" to the Chairperson of Membership Development. Applications may also be obtained from the church office. Applications must be approved by the church Executive Council and applicants will be notified of the award decision no later than March 31st of the school year beginning fall semester.

4. If any monies are refunded to recipient, those monies need to be returned in full to Brandywine Baptist Church.


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